Ceramic, Glass & Nano Coatings

Please note although it is not imperative, it is highly recommended that ceramic coatings are only applied to new or corrected paintwork. Ceramic coatings do not fill / mask the appearance of swirl marks and other paint defects, so if these are not removed prior to application, they will be sealed in for a long time! Coatings must be applied in a controlled environment and allowed to cure fully / properly for 24 hours before they are exposed to the elements. This service is only available at my unit in Billingshurst (RH14), West Sussex.

Why opt for a coating over a wax?

  • Anti scratch effect – helps to resist wash marring and light swirling.
  • Antioxidant – prevents colours from fading / bleaching.
  • Anti static – less dust build up in dry conditions.
  • Anti acids and salts – ideal for Winter – prevents road salt from sticking to the paintwork.
  • Excellent high gloss effect – mirror finish – unrivalled gloss & clarity.
  • Hydrophobic/Water-repelling – fantastic, aesthetically appealing water beading & sheeting.
  • Anti Calcium effect – prevents water spot etching. Water spotting can be an issue with some coatings on the market. All of the coatings I offer have been extensively tested and do not leave problematic water spot etchings that require machine polishing to remove them.
  • Dirt-deflecting – paintwork stays cleaner for longer.
  • Easy to clean/self cleaning effect – simple future maintenance & upkeep.
  • Weather protection
  • UV – weather-resistant
  • Insects and flies repellent – a godsend in the Summer!
  • No more waxing! – Unlike many of the sealant packages that dealerships offer you, this will not come with a maintenance ‘bundle’ and neither will it require it.
  • Preserve car value & condition – a well maintained & presented car will hold it’s resale value better and can fetch hundreds, in some cases even thousands of pounds more than a similar car in lesser condition.


Carbon Collective Platinum Paint – £100 upgrade:

The future in paint protection, this dedicated paint coating forms a permanent bond directly to the paint’s surface becoming the active top layer. Protecting your paint from Fallout, bird droppings tar, chemicals, UV rays & even minor scratches for up to two years.

Unlike ordinary waxes, this sealant has anti-static & self cleaning properties making this very low maintenance, no need to re-apply or partner with a wax or detailer.

  • Hydrophobic
  • Up to 2 years durability
  • High chemical resistance
  • 7H hardness – creates an invisible ceramic based barrier resistant to wash marring & swirl marks
  • Works on gloss & matt finishes.

Add Oracle as a second layer to gain the best of both worlds – ceramic base coat with hydrophobic top coat – £175 + 24 hours


Carbon Collective Oracle – £100 upgrade:

Oracle, with it’s ultra hydrophobic properties and unparalleled gloss is Carbon Collective’s most advanced coating.

One of the most diverse coating’s available it can be used various surfaces including painted, gel coat, carbon fibre, bare metal, aluminium and stainless surfaces, even plastic grills, trim and vinyl wraps.

Spend more time driving & less time cleaning, Oracle creates a highly repellant coating on the surface which is extremely low maintenance, no more waxing or re-application is needed.

  • Ultra hydrophobic
  • Up to 2 years durability
  • Water repellancy angle of 110º
  • Draining angle as low as 17º
  • High chemical resistance
  • Works on gloss & matt finishes.
  • Low solvents

Add Platinum Paint as a second layer to gain the best of both worlds – ceramic base coat with hydrophobic top coat – £175 + 24 hours


Gyeon Q2 CanCoat – £75:

CanCoat is an advanced quartz coating that simultaneously protects and enhances the appearance of automotive paint. Developed in South Korea, Gyeon CanCoat uses the latest in low volatile content silicon (Si) technology to lay down a film of siloxane polymers that condense rapidly to form an SiO2 coating that bonds to painted surfaces at the molecular level.

As a result of being coated with a smooth, dense layer of SiO2, treated surfaces become naturally water hating (hydrophobic), which causes rainfall and rinse water to bead up and roll off very quickly. This extreme beading not only looks good, but also tends to pick up and carry away fresh contaminants, which makes routine washing easier and safer as a result. In addition to these benefits, CanCoat also provides excellent protection against bird droppings, bug splatter, road salt and harmful UV radiation for up to six months at a time, even on daily drivers (it is virtually impervious to cleaning chemicals and pressure washing, and once fully cured can only be removed by machine polishing).


  • Hydrophobic
  • 6-8 months durability
  • High chemical resistance


Liquid Elements EcoShield – £100:

Liquid Elements EcoShield is a non VOC ceramic coating which offers unrivalled depth of gloss and stunning looks to all painted surfaces. EcoShield offers superb water repellency abilities and durability of 2 years plus on correctly prepared paintwork. 8.5H hardness offers improved scratch resistance, coupled with a higher resistance to water marks that are associated with other ceramic products on the market.


  • Ultra hydrophobic
  • Up to 2 years durability
  • High chemical resistance
  • 8.5H hardness – creates an invisible ceramic based barrier resistant to wash marring & swirl marks
  • VOC free


Polish Angel Cosmic Glasscoat – £100:

A German patented coating system containing silica (SiO) and titania (TiO2),increases endurance and provides durable protection against corrosion. No paint sealant on the market has such a high thickness layer which is resistant to harsh environmental influences. Cosmic 9H Glasscoat provides an unbelievable surface clarity and colour transparency enhanced by it’s reduced Carnauba. Cosmic 9H Glasscoat offers 12-18 months durability.

Due to the Carnauba content within Cosmic, it produces a distinctive glass like gloss & clarity that leaves the car looking like it’s been dipped in resin!

Cosmic bonds to the paintwork in an incredibly thick layer, offering up to a 10-14 micron increase. (Average thickness of a car’s total paintwork is around 120-130 microns)


SiRamik SC-15 – £100:

SiRamik Surface Coat SC15 is an ultra durable ceramic coating offering stunning wet looks and excellent water behaviour, this really is one to watch. SC15 can be applied to paint, wheels, plastic trim and glass (with the exception of the windscreen), so one product for all surfaces.


  • Ultra hydrophobic
  • Up to 2 years durability
  • High chemical resistance
  • Heat resistant to 500oc with no loss of protection up to 250c and only 5% degradation from 250c – 500c.
  • Low VOC

All of the above glass, ceramic & nano coatings are available as paintwork protection upgrades for £100 on top of the detail cost. Please note the car will be required for a further day to ensure the sealant cures properly as it must not get wet during the first 24 hours after application.