Heated Seat Installation

£645 (for both front seats)

Finding the Winter a little bit nippy in your car? Found a new car that ticks all the boxes on your spec list but is missing the all important heated seats? Fear not, we have a solution! Whether your car has cloth, vinyl or leather seats, our trusted 3rd party can install the latest carbon fibre technology heat pads to your existing seats to provide OEM style heated seat bases & backs.

Please note: it generally isn’t possible to use factory locations to install switches or to utilise factory switches, however the controls used are mounted in subtle locations with OEM style switches. This service is only available to be carried out at my unit and may require the car to be left with me for a few days. Please contact me to discuss.

  • Can be fitted to 99.9% of cars from the 60’s right through to brand new
  • Can be fitted to cloth, vinyl or leather seats
  • OEM quality carbon fibre technology heat pads
  • High / Low setting with OEM style switch
  • Increase resale value of your car with an expensive optional extra at a fraction of factory prices