Soft Top Services

Soft top convertible window restoration:

From £P.O.A

If your soft top convertible plastic / perspex / plexi glass window has turned cloudy or started to fade, this service will help to return the window to a glass like appearance as it should be. Clouding occurs over time due to the build up of tiny scratches caused by dirt & grit getting trapped every time the roof is folded. A special polish is used to remove this clouding and restore transparency. Scratches and staining are improved and the plastic is cleaned and conditioned to help prolong the life of the window and help to slow down the drying out process which eventually leads to cracking. Not only aesthetically appeasing, but also safer to drive with due to visibility being restored!

Soft Top Convertible Cleaning & Protection

From £85.00 – clean only ( – £10 if booked with a valet / detail)
From £100.00 clean & protect (- £10 if booked with a valet / detail)

Using the finest products from Autoglym, Renovo & G-Techniq loose dirt and lint is removed first, before applying the cleaning solution to your fabric or vinyl hood. Adgitated with a brush, this safely deep cleans the roof removing the layer of grime and traffic film that builds up over the years. This is then rinsed before being dried by hand, the air and if necessary, blown air too.

At this stage, a re-proofer / protectant can be applied to increase the roof’s water resistance, this in turn helps to keep the roof cleaner for longer and add’s UV protection to help slow down the UV bleaching process, this keeping the colour of the roof for longer.

Please note: A very basic exterior wash is also included, as dirt from the roof will wash down the car, along with the chemicals used to clean the roof. Despite being rinsed thoroughly, if these are not properly washed off, they can run the risk of staining the paintwork.