Ceramic Coating

Highly durable paint protection

Proven paint protection

A vastly superior alternative to wax, ceramic coatings form a semi-permanent bond to the paintwork. They offer superior durability and a distinctive candy-like gloss.

Once applied, maintenance of your vehicle is quicker and easier. Thus eliminating the requirement for regular polishing and waxing.

So, why opt for Ceramic Coating over wax?

• Anti scratch effect – helps to resist wash marring and light swirling.
• Antioxidant – prevents colours from fading / bleaching.
• Anti static – less dust build up in dry conditions.
• Anti acids and salts – ideal for Winter – prevents road salt from sticking to the paintwork.
• Excellent high gloss effect – mirror finish – unrivalled ‘candy’ gloss & clarity.
• Hydrophobic/Water-repelling – fantastic, aesthetically appealing water beading & sheeting.
• Anti Calcium effect – prevents water spot etching. Water spotting can be an issue with some coatings on the market. All of the coatings I offer have been extensively tested and do not leave problematic water spot etchings that require machine polishing to remove them.
• Dirt-deflecting – paintwork stays cleaner for longer.
• Durable – All of the coatings I offer last between 18-48 months with no need for additional polish & waxing
• Easy to clean/self cleaning effect – simple future maintenance & upkeep.
• Weather protection
• UV – weather-resistant
• Insects and flies repellent – a godsend in the Summer!
• No more waxing! – Unlike many of the sealant packages that dealerships offer you, this will not come with a maintenance ‘bundle’ and neither will it require it.
• Preserve car value & condition – a well maintained & presented car will hold it’s resale value better and can fetch hundreds, in some cases even thousands of pounds more than a similar car in lesser condition.

Coatings we offer

• Carbon Collective ‘Molecule’

• Carbon Collective ‘Nero’

• Titan Coatings ‘Titan’

• Titan Coatings ‘Zeus’

•  Titan Coatings ‘Vulcan’

Coatings should either be applied as a single layer (£100 + VAT) or dual layer (£250 + VAT) for increased durability, or to combine properties of 2 separate coatings.

Unless you specifically request a coating, we will advise you on the best coating for your car (certain coatings work best on certain colours, paint finishes or on PPF / Vinyl)

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